I know there are a lot of people like me out there with the same pastime. Mine goes back decades. It seems like my equipment is that old. When you are a TV and movie buff, you seek an entertainment system of your dreams so you can enjoy your passion in the perfect atmosphere. Whether you watch alone or love to entertain friends, good equipment is essential. It can cost a bundle, but fortunately there are plenty of options at low prices. The engineering is so much better than even discount gear is pretty affordable. First and foremost, this means great sound and a huge screen with no glare. I want one that rotates so people sitting nearby can see with ease. There are a million ways to design such a system depending upon your space. I rely on my dad to help out with such big decisions as he has great woodworking expertise and plenty of equipment. He considers himself to be a card carrying member of Woodwork Nation. He offered to build some shelves and cabinets to house the flat screen and my vast CD and old tape collection. I am going to love having everything at hand.

Spending a day on construction with my father is a rare treat and well worth the time invested. We bonded long ago but, frankly, you need to renew your relationship as you get older. I can’t wait to see his happy face at my back door with tool box in hand. He loves these kinds of special projects and has no doubt already outfitted his own home with every imaginable wood contraption. I used to watch when I was a kid and sometimes he would let me try my hand at something easy. Over time, I got the hang of it and could make something like a storage box or shelf by myself. He was so proud, but somehow I didn’t continue the effort, and now I turn to him for assistance.

There is nothing better than a do-it-yourself project; the rewards are many. You get to look at the fruit of your labor and how much money you saved. Both goals are important to me, but mostly it has to do with dad. He loves to feel useful and show his skills. I will then get a custom job without having to make adjustments. I will ask him to stain the wood the right color for the room and make sure the shelves are wide enough apart to house all my odds and ends. I expect good results having seen his handiwork many times before. He wants to make this entertainment system storage area attractive and functional and not just a simple throw it together effort.

If you don’t want to buy it or you prefer not to do it yourself, never hesitate to ask for help. I will be doing myself and my father a big favor.