Some people may think that documentaries are boring. I think maybe they are just watching the wrong ones. Anything can be boring if you have no interest in that subject!

There are so many documentaries out there, on so many topics, there has to be something that you will find useful or even simply enjoy.

For example, there are many documentaries about history. If you are learning about a historical event at school and it seems dry and boring, or you really just can’t understand, maybe see if there is a documentary about it. Sometimes a film like that can put it into the proper context and you will really understand or even enjoy history for the first time ever!

They can also be helpful if you have an interest. Do you have a hobby or a favorite sport? There is probably a documentary about it. What about an animal you like, even if it lives in some remote corner of the earth or far below the sea? Of course you will be able to learn more about them in a documentary. Do you like a celebrity? There might be a documentary on them as well, regardless of whether they are a musician, film star, or even an athlete. Especially if the person is passed, there might be something you can see about them and their life.

Documentaries have always interested me. When I was young I liked to watch documentaries about other places and weird animals that I thought I would never get to see in person. Now that I am older and can travel, I might watch documentaries about other places to see where I can go. I also like to watch documentaries about other peoples so that I can learn about cultures and faiths other than my own. What can I say, I am a curious person! Documentaries are better than fiction if you want to learn about others and what they do!

The problem with documentaries is that sometimes they are not as easy to find as other types of film. So how do you find them? Sometimes you might be lucky and catch one on tv or even have the money for special channels. Otherwise the internet can be a good choice.

If you have an interest, check internet forums, maybe someone can direct you to a good place for a documentary. If you have a streaming service, usually there are whole sections that are dedicated to documentaries and they are even broken down into topic to be even more helpful.

Another great place to check out documentaries would be the library. Sometimes they have media available so you can check it out and watch it.

If nobody else seems to know, do what I do and just look around on the internet! I just type in, say, polar bear documentary, and see what comes up. You never know what you will find, and if you don’t like it there is no rule saying you have to suffer through until the end.

So what do you think? Have I convinced you yet? Will the next film you watch be a documentary?