Do you watch features that you know will make you feel a certain way? It may sound like an odd question, because I am sure you have – most people have put on a comedy because they were in the mood to laugh, or maybe on a dark and quiet night you scared yourself silly watching a thriller. I think I am asking a more specific question though: do you watch things that you know will make you feel bad or sad? I am asking because of my family. Specifically, my sister.

My sister watches movies that she knows will make her cry. A tearjerker, she says. I do not understand this. I would much rather watch something that will put me in a good mood, but she claims they make her feel better – how, she couldn’t really explain to me. Romantic films seem to be her favorite, it doesn’t matter if the couple manages to stay together in the end or if one of the people dies even. That I really do not understand. She claims that it is because it reminds her to believe that love is a real thing and it is beautiful, and I tell her that her believing that kind of nonsense is why she is almost always single. The conversation stopped there because I had to run out of the room before she caught up to me so now I am curious.

I would much rather watch something interesting or informative. Or even something with a great action hero. I would watch almost anything before I would watch a movie that I knew was going to make me cry. If I was already sad, I would put on a movie that would make me laugh or would remind me that whatever is bothering me is very small compared to all the great things that there are in the world.

I only remember my father watching one thing that made him cry, and it was a sporting event. His team had not won in a long time and then they did, and a few tears went down his face. When I stared at him in surprise, he wiped them away and said, “Couldn’t be helped.” Then he went on like nothing had ever happened. I didn’t really understand it back then but I do now even though I can’t say that I care for sporting matches like he does. I cannot imagine a match, even a championship one like the one my dad was watching, would make me feel anything except maybe boredom.

My mother doesn’t really watch television other than the news and competition shows, so she might yell at the tv sometimes but other than that there is no emotion. She is no help for comparison purposes then.

So I would like to know if maybe I am abnormal or if my sister is the strange one, and I thought I would ask the internet. Let me know in the comments. I am sure she would feel better if it turned out that other people did the same thing as her, and then she could remind me all the time.