As a movie and TV junkie, I have seen more than my share of basketball stories like Coach Carter, Hoosiers, Glory Road, The winning Season, and He Got Game. As an amateur player, you can understand why I gravitate to this genre—at least at the moment. When a friend and I decided to shoot a few hoops, we binged on these old favorites to get in the mood for a replay of our youth on the court. I have a new portable basketball hoop like these, just in time for spring vacation. It is such a great way to let off steam. After a few rounds and some intense exhaustion, we like to sit around and vent about our jobs and families. Basketball is very social unless you are a pro and one-dimensional about winning. Sure, we would like to improve our jump shot, but watching the movies is almost as much fun as the game itself.

When I was young, it was my sport of choice. I loved to jump to new heights as I grew taller. My parents were enthusiastic and supportive. It was the best way to avoid the boredom of normal gym class in high school, which was mandatory for everyone. You had several options such as softball, volleyball, tennis, or swimming. I also waited to be selected to the best basketball team as I could practice in the park after school or with an in-ground hoop in the driveway of a neighbor. Now that I move from time to time, the best I can do for the moment is a portable model. Spalding makes a good all-around system with a polycarbonate backboard that is sturdy for rebounds. You can adjust the height to ten feet. It is by no means flimsy in spite of being mobile. For over $200, you can expect quality construction and long life.

I am now so into basketball that it is going to cut into my movie viewing time on weekends. Some of my friends think this is a good idea. They are all for being better-rounded and less one-dimensional. I get it. I value time with friends and whether we are in my rec room in front of the huge flat screen or dribbling on the court, it doesn’t matter. They are both great pastimes and one is clearly good for my health. And I am not referring to being a couch potato! Meanwhile, my Spalding hoop is guaranteed to stand up to normal wear and tear and survive the elements in any season of the year. The description of the product praised the angled pole design allows for more play under the basket, so you can run plays just like the pros. What more could you want at home.